Mi Airit Chat App Unlimited Trick Get Signup bonus ₹50 & Per refer ₹10


Mi Airit an app that helps you communicate messages to the right people without receiving unwanted responses or reactions. It is suitable for associations, organizations, companies, schools, communities and even individuals. It also helps search and connect with like-minded people via groups. It’s available on iOS, Android, and Web.

How To Get Rs50 Signup Bonus

  • First Download Airit App Link
  • App Open And All Permission Allow
  • Agree And Continue

  • Profile Completed And Refer Code Apply

Congratulations!! You got Rs.50 (500 pnt) Instantly!!

How To Unlimited Trick

1. Clone ur app and after open it .

2. Than select country code +1( us ) and enter ur united states no. From 2nd line app.

3. Than after verify ur no.

4. After it ask name and email and fill random details and in last enter ur refer code.

5. Voila u get 10rs(100 points) in ur main account.