Flipkart Free Delivery Trick For All Products (Works Only With F-Assured Product)


Flipkart FREE Delivery Trick!

This FlipKart Free delivery trick works on everything starting from Cables to Clothes and everything which FlipKart offers you under Rs. 500 and that too without being a flipkart first subscribe.Following flipkart free delivery trick might again and again might lead to account termination by FlipKart, so please don’t try flipkart free delivery trick more than 4 times with an account.

I wanted to buy this shaker but after adding to cart I could see the delivery charge of 40 rupees.

Aater I added this coffee maker which is “flipkart assured” to the cart and voila couldn’t see any delivery charge!! Then, I ordered both the products and soon after the confirmation from Flipkart, I cancelled the coffee maker and got the other one free of delivery for 170 rupees .

  • Now order these products as Cash on Delivery.
  • After doing this, wait for 10-15 minutes and open FlipKart orders page fromhere.
  • Cancel the order of the tablet or the thing in which you actually don’t want to buy.
  • Now make a random excuse to cancel the product. Say that you aint’ interested in it anymore.
  • You will now get free delivery on your product!

So this was the flipkart free delivery trick.. If you have another trick better than this or you have some doubts regarding this trick, then what are you watching? Just shoot down a comment so that we can help you to get free delivery at FlipKart!!!